Building Green

At O'Neill Builders we focus on educating customers on all green applications. Regardless of your budget we can achieve higher energy efficiency and a healthier indoor environment. As the customer, you can decide how green to go. O'Neill Builders will accommodate any size budget, and make all efforts possible to maintain our mission.


A green home begins with design. Utilizing exposures achieving passive solar heat gain is a crucial element. Insulation, high efficiency windows & a tight air sealed envelope with proper ventilation completes the basic framework for a green structure.

Together we'll decide on the best material to use, and also understand the health and environmental impacts those decisions have on your home.


Going green opens the door to a wide variety of products that all have one thing in common, concern for the consumer & the environment. We take pride in encouraging Green design on any scale.

O'Neill Builders will approach your project with the versatility to maximize space, energy efficiency, minimize waste and impact, and achieve the highest level of indoor quality.