Waterfront Property Development

Over the last decade our team has been successfully redeveloping seasonal camps into year round lakefront homes. 

Vermont extensively regulates this kind of development, and we understand the complexities in purchasing property with this in mind. We can navigate the state and municipal regulatory landscape which places restrictions on waterfront property development ranging from flood plains to bluffs, lakefront setbacks to building envelope limitations.

We have the knowledge to aid you in previewing prospective properties and can identify potential challenges and their associated costs.


New Construction & Land Development

We offer direct insight and education for our clients on the development of raw land.

From infrastructure planning such as septic design, power access and house placement, to survey work and the project management that is necessary during the development process.

Our goal is to provide you with as predicable and enjoyable a building process as possible.

Existing Home Renovations

If you're considering the purchasing a new home, please contact us. We do pre-contract walk-throughs to offer insight into renovation & expansion feasibility.

We educate our clients on the mechanical systems present in an existing home, and can provide cost estimates for potential upgrades.

We offer insight into the energy efficiency of the property, and look at the age of the systems, fuel consumption, and envelope construction to help identify inefficiencies that may impact your utility budget in years to come.

"We worked with Jeremy when we were buying our first home in Vermont. Having Jeremy accompany us to showings was an invaluable asset. His experience and knowledge as a high quality builder, as well as his local knowledge as a native Vermonter, proved critical in helping us pinpoint potential issues prior to purchase. He asked questions, we never knew to ask and he has the background to scrutinize the answer in a way we never could. He spotted details like a chimney without a cap that was leading to water damage in the roof. He also recognized an antiquated and inefficient heating system that would have led to high-energy bills and cold winter nights.

Jeremy offers a clear and objective set of eyes to help you gain a real perspective."

— Victoria Ward